Monday, May 12, 2008

Busy week over! Lesson Learned!

Hello all! I did not have time to post this weekend due to the wedding and yesterday was Mother's day and after a visit to my mom, I just laid on the couch, chillin'. So much to report, some with (if I may say) adorable pictures of a little princess!

1st off Jeremiah made if through 5th grade camp with flying colors! Thanks so much for your prayers! I told Steve I had ladies all over the country praying for him! That is so cool! His teacher came up to me immediately and told me he did awesome (her words)! When he came up to me the bottom of his pant legs were black, one of his shows was completely black (they started out white). I didn't think they could be saved, but we washed them last night and it looks like their making a comeback! My son ever looking for the gray cloud in the silver lining came up and said "We had the worst cabin of everyone!" Then he proceeded to tell me "Good luck getting me on that plane in July! I didn't do well at the Mid-ropes course because of my fear of heights, so I'm not getting on the Plane!" Well hello to you too, my dear sweet first born! I've missed you tremendously!!! He did have a great time though. It was funny to see his face because he did look exhausted! I had to wait to really speak to him about his weekend until after his friend Nat left. When they walked in the door they immediately went for the computer (you know it had been 3 days without it)!

Now for the big doings this weekend! Friday night we had rehearsal. Bekah and Kaelee where troopers and were really enjoying themselves! I had to step out of the sanctuary for a little while because I tend to want to direct and I didn't think that was my place! I kept wanted to tell people "slow down, we're not in a race"! Well they all did really well on Saturday, so my assistance was not needed! Bekah had her hair done at Dawn's at 9:00 on Saturday! Dawn did an awesome job on her hair! She is a very talented lady that Niece of mine! Then off to the church where we arrived right at 10:30. Now for the big sit and wait for pictures to begin! I brought snacks for the wedding party which they all really appreciated! It was fun to help. Bekah made herself a pair of balloon flip flops while she waited that she got to wear at the receptions. Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure, then about my lesson! I think you can click on them to make them bigger, if you want!

Our Little Princess!

The 2 Princesses watching the Bride and Groom Dance! Do you wonder what they are thinking about?

Oh this picture made me cry! To see Roger (Steve's Brother) and Tara dancing the Father/Daughter dance was just precious! Roger is not Tara's biological father, but has raised her since she was two! They have a wonderful Father/Daughter relationship!

Two twirling Princesses'!

A picture of the future! I love how she is looking at me and Steve is looking at her!

A little bit of attitude!

Steve changed this one to black and white! I love how it turned out! It was great that Bekah and Kaelee had each other for support! They were both nervous, but both did an awesome job! I didn't realize it until Sunday, but Bekah doesn't do well being the center of attention! She wore her dress to church, but when we got there acted a little strange. I finally got it out of her that she didn't want to wear her dress (that would have been nice to know as we were putting it on) to church. Fortunately I had the clothes still in the van from the day before (you see there is a reason I don't clean my van well) so she got to change. Steve got out of her that she didn't like all the attention. I really think it help on Saturday having everyone being so dress up!

Finally for the lesson this lady learned! When you are 43 almost 44 it is not the best idea to dance to Bob Segers "Ole time Rock and Roll", do the bird dance and the Hokey Pokey! Your bad hip tends to tell you "What are you thinkin'? You're 43, overweight and out of shape! Leave the dancing to the cute little girls and the bridal party!" Oh yeah! I should have listened!!! All in all we had a great time!! The minister did a great job on the sermon! I wanted to say AMEN, but didn't think it would be appropriate at a wedding! We wish the best for Tara and Chad. We pray that God will indeed be the head of their home someday soon! Right now we can't say that, but God can do all things!

I was finally able to relax yesterday at 4:30 pm! It was a crazy morning! I planned on not going to Sunday School to chill before going to my mothers, but a sick teacher made me have other plans! When I was at my mom's I was very tired because I did not sleep well the night before (not because we were out late, we got home at 8:30), but just because I guess! My family all tends to talk at once and for some reason the noise just really bothered me. When we got home, my family graciously left me to be on the couch, and I was able to relax! I hope you all had a happy Mother's day too!!


Cheri said...

Oh Kim, she does look like a princess. What a beautiful little girl!
I really think you should have posted a video tape of you doing the hokey pokey and chicken dance!!

Anonymous said...

I Love the pictures! The girls look beautiful! Little princesses for sure! Don't you just love it when your mind says " I can still cut-a-rug" and your body screams " Oh no you can't"! LOL!! I hate to say I've been there, too!

Melissa said...

I'm glad that Jeremiah had a good time at camp. Isn't it cool to know that so many people read your blog and pray for you?
Bekah is absolutely beautiful!!! I love those pictures and it looks like the wedding was a great time! :)

Anonymous said...

Kim what a weekend you had! I love the pictures of the princess! How cute.Glad to hear that Jeremiah's adventure went well.see-ya soon,Patty

Diane said...

Wow! Could you have possibly fit any more into last weekend??? I'm glad to hear it all went well for Miah last week and for Bekah on Saturday and you on Mother's Day! Sounds like you all had a good time, although tiring! Bekah's hair looked so cute yesterday at church! I asked her if that's how she wore it for the wedding and she just nodded her head. Now I know that she was probably a little shy about all of it, huh? Great pics too! Thanks for posting them!!

Mari said...

What a weekend! Bekah does look like a princess and the picture of Steve dancing with her is adorable.I'm so glad camp went well for Jeremiah. Tell him I don't like heights either but I did fine on my first airplane ride - he will too!

Denise said...

Bekah looked really beautiful, thanks for sharing the pictures. I am so glad that camp went well for Jeremiah. You certainly had a busy bee weekend, relax now my friend, love you.

Shari said...

It's so, so, so wonderful to hear that camp went well for Jeremiah. I bet you are so relieved and proud of him.

Your daughter looks just like a princess. She must have felt so special being all fancied up.

Shelly said...

It looks like the wedding went really well and the girls were beautiful! It is nice that Jeremiahs camping trip went really well too.

Kathy S. said...

I am relatin to ya with that family noise business!! Beautiful photos. I love weddings...glad you got to rest!

Chelle' said...

I love love love pictures Kim. And these are no exception. They are just beautiful.

Weddings are the best. And pictures of flower girls... in gorgeous dresses- spectacular.

Thanks for sharing them.