Thursday, May 1, 2008

God Moments! Big or small!

In my post from Wednesday I lamented about not knowing God's will! What does he want me to do! What is His plan for my life? Am I where I am supposed to be? I craved a "God Moment"! You know the one - that MOUNTAINTOP experience - where we have been put in the cleft of the rock and get to see God's back! Where our face is glowing like Moses' because we were in His presence! Those times are like a narcotic! You so desire them! Well look at what I read out of Oswald Chambers - My Utmost for His Highest for May 1st -

"I have to lead my life in faith, without seeing Him." 2 Corinthians 5:7 (MOFFATT)
For a time we are conscious of God's attentions, then, when God begins to use us in His enterprises, we take on a pathetic look and talk of the trials and the difficulties, and all the time God is trying to make us do our duty as obscure people. None of us would be obscure spiritually if we could help it. Can we do our duty when God has shut up heaven? Some of us always want to be illuminated saints with golden babes and the flush of inspiration, and to have the saints of God dealing with us all the time. A gilt-edged saint is no good, he is abnormal, unfit for daily life, and altogether unlike God. We are here as men and women, not as half-fledged angels, to do the work of the world, and to do it with an infinitely greater power to stand the turmoil because we have been born from above.
If we try to re-introduce the rare moments of inspiration, it is a sign that it is not God we want. We are making a fetish of the moments when God did come and speak, and insisting that He must do it again; whereas what God wants us to do is to "walk by faith." How many of us have laid ourselves by, as it were, and said - "I cannot do any more until God appears to me." He never will, and without any inspiration, without any sudden touch of God, we will have to get up. Then comes the surprise - "Why, He was there all the time, and I never knew it!"
Never live for the rare moments, they are surprises. God will give us touches of inspiration when He sees we are not in danger of being led away by them. We must never make our moments of inspiration our standard; our standard is our duty.

I laughed right our loud! Oops, was I desiring the feeling more then Him?! God is in every moment, not just the mountaintop experiences! He is with me when I do what would seem to be the mundane things of life. He is in the moments where I need to do things that may seem to be lessor on the kingdom scale! Why do I continually seek God in big ways, and miss the small way's he shows up everyday!

Lord open these blind eyes, unlock these deaf ears! Open the eyes of my heart Lord, I want to see you! Forgive me for wanting to be an illuminated saint, all shining and awesome! Forgive me for missing the little moments with big impact!

Your daughter,


Diane said...

Wow, Kim, how's your head??? I think I just saw a 2x4 thrown down! GREAT POST!!! Awesome reminder for all of us to get over ourselves and make it all about HIM!!! He's right here beside us and the only way we, as Christ-followers, can get through each day living in this crazy mixed up world is by His Grace and Peace.

How can we sit on our hands and not tell others about our "addiction"??? The great thing about it though is that it's a good addiction and we do God's Will by getting others addicted to Him as well! :)

Mari said...

Oh Kim - this is good. I'm guilty of wanting to be an illuminated saint too!

Denise said...

May He open all of our eyes wide. Bless you sweetie.

Chelle' said...

Great GReat GReat post Kim.

I wanted to offer a book that has transformed the way I spend time in and with Him. It's called, 'The Practice of the Presence of God' by Brother Lawrence.

It was recommended to me when I first became ill and struggled with where God was in my life. (Oh how I needed Him in the middle of that situation)

Anyway, what I thought I was looking for was for Him to intervene to "get me through the immediate"... what I learned- much from that bok... was how to ABIDE.

You may enjoy it as well.

Also- I wonder if you partly giggled because you asked for God, for a moment, a time where you knew He was present... and clearly as you read that post- you were experiencing Him. :0)

Love you friend. GREAT POST.

Cheryl said...

What an awesome post Kim! You are so right. I really enjoyed this one. I have felt the same way. I pray the same prayer. I needed this today! Thanks a bunch!!

Angie said...

Don't you love it when you hear from Him in such a real way?Excellent post and reminder. Doing my 1000 gift list has helped teach me this truth. Little moments with big impact...yes, this is how He works with me. Beautiful, Kim!

Shelly said...

Kim, that is a great post like others have said. Sometimes I wonder about the everyday things in life too. Is there more? God has me where He wants me I believe. Also, I am getting back into working with the elderly because I know God gave me that gift and I need to use it. I am more fullfilled when I take care of the elderly or anyone. God bless ya!

Miss*Suzanne said...

"If we try to re-introduce the rare moments of inspiration, it is a sign that it is not God we want."

Wow! That hit home.

I stopped by for a minute while I'm waiting for my dinner to finish and yours and Oswald's words just totally blew me away. The timer is going off on the oven, but I'll be back to re-read this again. Thank you for posting it!


Shari said...

I do the same thing - try to seek God in big ways. This was a good encouragement for me to remember that God is always here in my life, not just when I have an intense spiritual feeling.