Monday, May 19, 2008

In Memory of.....

Don't know if I'm officially back or not, but I couldn't let this day go by without remembering our dear friend Tyler who God took home one year ago today! In life and death he touched many! I miss you Tyler! You will always be that infectious 44 year old - 8 year old to me! Thank you for being so passionate about your Lord and for teaching me to go to the Word always!
With Debi's permission I want to share the following that Tyler's brother shared at his funeral. This is so Tyler! For those of you who didn't know him, hopefully this will make you laugh and see why we can smile when we think of this "LARGER THEN LIFE" personality!
Tyler is so happy that his funeral was 2 hours long. He would have wanted it much longer though. In fact, he would prefer that we continued it on into the evening and then followed it up by an "All Tyler Weekend" with a Parade and a Float contest. Tyler I miss you and I'm so proud of where your heart and soul were at during your last days here. God needs you as an Angel to look over a multitude now and not just a few. Your with me always buddy.
Tyler Trivia:
* Favorite Singer: Himself
* Favorite pastime: Going to the Gun show (his own bi-ceps)
* Total poundage of weights in Tyler's World Gym? Thousands!
*Where would he go for a pick-me-up? Any place with a Karaoke.
*What where his 3 favorite lines?
1. Are you going to eat that?
2. What are you going to do with that?
3. Can I have that?
* He once ate how many Big Macs? 6
* He & Bart once bought what animal on vacation in Florida? A Skunk
* T or F - both his (older) brother and cousin once shot him with BB guns? True
* T or F - Tyler liked to Arm Wrestle? True
* How many jobs did Tyler have? 37
- That's how he reached so many people in his short time.



Mari said...

I loved what his brother said too - it really was Tyler!

Cheri said...

His brother should did bring a light moment to such a difficult time.
He is missed!

Denise said...

Awesome tribute.

Anonymous said...

That was so great Kim! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I love hearing how much Tyler impacted people while he was here with us. It brings me great comfort! Thanks for the tears and the laughter!
Love you, sister,

e-Mom said...

He sounds like such an awesome boy--and a singer at that. I know he's missed by all who knew him. Hugs.

Joanne said...

He sounds like a really neat guy. I wish I had known Tyler. You are a dear friend to post this on the anniversary of his death.

When we get to Heaven you will have to introduce us.

Blessings, Joanne

Shari said...

Interesting trivia about Tyler. He must have been hilarious - the kind of person that attracts others. Glad to hear that he's in heaven.