Thursday, May 8, 2008

Oh My Goodness, it's the 8th of the Month!

I can't believe it is May 8th today! I just saw that Elisa posted her next installment of Living Intentionally - My 8 in 2008! Oh good grief I am not prepared! Not the best month so far, but we keep on keeping on!

1. To learn to wait on God
This is a process that is ongoing in my Christian walk. The Lord is showing me much and I am happy with my progress.

2. To practice better hospitality
I am more mindful of my surroundings and being more in touch with people, that's good. I still have yet to make it to the nursing home with Bekah!

3. To speak truth in love and to stop gossip before it begins
Hummm..... I don't feel I'm doing very well here. Confrontation, even constructive is very hard for me.

4. To pray for others more. To pray for the salvation of my family (extended)
Haven't done well here either!

5. To take better care of God's temple
On this one, I am improving, thanks to being held accountable every Wednesday on Living Well Wednesday!

6. To study 8 books of the Bible7. To memorize 8 verses
Still concentrating on the verses I need to learn for Evangelism Explosion, but the Lord is showing me other verses to add to my list!

8. To organize all the closets, bookshelves and storage areas in my house.
If my sister and I had had our Garage sale when we planned, by storage room downstairs would be cleaned and organized. As of this moment because the garage sale is on the 23rd of May, but whole basement is a PIT!!!
That is it, no excuses! Onward and upward! See you in June!!! Check out the other ladies who are desiring to Live Intentional in 2008 over at Extravagant Grace!


Denise said...

Praying for you to reach all of your goals my friend.

Jennifer said...

It seems to be a general theme "where did last month go". Spring must be a busy time all around that or we are all getting outside so our focus changes.
Keep on pressing on.

Thanks for keeping Libby last night!

Bonita said...

I think this month crept up on a lot of us unexpectedly. It sounds as though you made some progress though. Hang in there!

That garage sale sounds wonderful from a buyer's perspective. Wish I could come! Hope it goes well and that you get rid of all the stuff.

Fran said...

Every single one of those are great!! I need to copy them down for myself!!

Have a great weekend!

Mocha with Linda said...

Loved reading these! Don't get discouraged about your slip-ups. God's grace is sufficient!

Just Me said...

Thanks for all the uplifting comments you have left me. You're right progress is progress and it looks like you are making progress as well. Keep up the good work.

maudie-mae said...

Any progress is still a step forward. I love your comments on my blog, you are soooooooooo encouraging and I look forward to them like Charlie Brown looking for Valentines in his mailbox =).