Tuesday, January 1, 2008

My Owner (Daddy) dropped a bombshell!

My name is Champ, and I rule the roost where I live. You may laugh, but it is the truth! I have my people trained quite well. When I need to go out I simply stand at the door and one of them hops up and opens it for me. Sometimes I refuse to go down the steps outside because I have delicate paws and I don't want to get them wet, so I make one of the bigger ones come out with me to keep me company. I have many places that I choose to sleep all day, but my favorite place is on the back of the couch like any cat/dog. I live the life people, let me tell you! I have a basket of toys that rivals any other pooch. Oh sure there are times my people do things that bother me like: leave me all day to go off in that yellow monster, or blue mobile; sometimes they take me to a lady that tortures me and I lose my hair; sometimes I don't mind what they do, if I get to stay with my cousin Buddy! We have a ball together!
Anyway that's what makes this latest episode so disturbing. My Man (daddy) and my boy and girl left for a while today. My Woman (mommy) and I had a nice relaxing afternoon just lying in the family room with the wood burner nice and toasty. Well finally they come home and are carrying this bucket thingy. It smelled kind of weird! They seemed all excited, well all except my woman, she seemed slightly annoyed like me. So my woman lifts me up and what do you think I saw?! These thingies floating in water with a big shell and tiny head and feet! Here are some pictures of me trying to get a good look at them and then letting them know that this is my House not theirs! Can you believe they did this to me! How ridiculous! Why would they need these things around when they have me?! This had better not mess with my attention or I just may have to resort to using the basement again to relieve myself. I do wonder though if they plan on eating them, they smell surprisingly like Chicken!
Thanks for listening and letting me vent! Please try to talk some sense into these people! They do not realize the turmoil they are throwing me into! I could become neurotic ( Oh wait I already am!)



Mari said...

Too funny!
Champ - you should come over to our house and visit our cat Cleo. It sounds as if you and she would get along really well. Then again, perhaps not. She is the queen of the house and isn't into sharing either!

Diane said...

Oh, Champ, you are too much!! You are very lucky to have the family that you have! Even though they might take home a crazy thing or two doesn't mean they still don't love you, silly dog! :)

Jennifer said...

That's funny. I am certain our dogs would have none of that "new creatures" in their terrain.

Angie said...

Too cute! We turtle sat my daughter's class red-eared slider this summer. He had such a cute personality. I never knew turtles could be so fun. My kitties didn't know what to think of it, so I can imagine what Champ must have thought! Thanks for visiting at Faith Lifts!