Friday, January 25, 2008

Six non-important thing/habits/quirks about myself

Heather at Mumblings of a Mommy Monk tagged me for this Me-me. I am to list 6 Non-important things/habits/quirks about me! These are the rules:
The rules for this meme are: (1) Link to the person that tagged you. (2) Post the rules on your blog. (3) Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself. (4) Tag six random people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs. (5) Let each random person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their website.
But first I have to show you a picture of what I woke up to this morning! Last night in the middle of the night I couldn't sleep (this happens quite often), so I got up this time to pray about things the Lord were laying on my heart, and I read the books of Esther. At 4:45 I got back in bed. When I came our around 6:30 this is what I found:

Curling up with THE GOOD BOOK! Isn't he a godly pooch!!!!! If only he were reading, not sleeping!!!!

Anyway here are the 6 things about me:

  1. I can't stand to hear people eat! It literally drives me nuts! Which of course spurs my husband on to annoy me all the more!!!
  2. I love to clean toilets, hate to dust!!!

  3. Like Heather my right leg is shorter then my left. Not for the same reasons though. I just found that our when my back when out!

  4. I love campfires! I love the smell and everything about them! Camping is not camping if I can't have a fire! I am very good at starting one too!

  5. I have been to the furthest points from each other in the U.S. I've been to Lubec, ME and Seattle, WA.

  6. I come from a family of 10 kids. 1 Boy and 9 Girls!

That's it! Hope you found it interesting. Here are the people I have tagged:

Iris @ Sting my heart

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Nise'@ Thus Far the Lord has helped me

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Mari said...

You are full of quirks! I don't know about cleaning toilets over dusting, although neither is really fun! I'll get to work on this soon!

Nise' said...

It is always fun to learn more about each other. Now, I like a clean toilet, but don't love getting it that way. You are crazy my friend.

Mel's World said...

Hey There...

Did you say 1 boy and 9 girls?? WOW! That is impressive...your poor brother, I bet he had a lot of "protecting" to do, huh?

I have been meaning to come over to visit...I have seen so many of your comments on the same blogs that I read.

Nice to meet ya!
Melissa in Mel's World

Heather@Mommymonk said...

I hate to hear people eating too - crunching, slurping, smacking can drive me mad!!! Thanks for sharing!

Mariel said...

I have followed links to get to you and am so glad I did! What a fun meme you did! I'm with melissa...your brother must have had it tough!! :0)
I love your blog and will return often!!
blessings, mariel

Counting Your Blessings said...

Oh I can't stand the sound of people eating, slurping, chomping.. YUCK!! Glad to have found you. I was over at LittleRedheartsFromGod and I just loved the name of your blog. And it's good to meet someone else who is also praying for Miss Redhearts. Have a wonderful Sunday. Blessings... Polly

Connie@Little Red Hearts From God said...


Interesting, I don't like to listen to people eat.. but oh well, i'll get over it if I have to..

I want to thank you from the bottom of my soul for your prayers...I have no doubt they have sustained me in these days.
I woke up today to realize my loss and it was a great sadness but in my next thought, realized my sweet daddy is sitting there with Jesus...and I couldn't help but smile...

You are a precious friend and I thank you.

Linda said...

Hi, first time here, love the list. My whole family of 5 hates the noisy eating thing, but I am not so picky. Anyway, you can imagine four people policing each other at a time. I've had to step in and say, "No more comments about chewing etiquette! It's been the dominant meal conversation!"