Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas 2007!

Well Christmas is officially over for the year! It's amazing how we build up to it and then it's done. Don't you wish the down time lasted longer. We had a very nice extended weekend. On Sunday we braved the storm to go out to Grand Haven after church. The lake was absolutely beautiful in it's storminess! We then went to see National Treasure II. It was worth it! A nice clean movie for the whole family.
Monday we got together with my brothers and sisters at a hotel in Grandville. We've been doing this for the last 3 years. It works out great for the kids and us. We rent to breakfast room and get to use the pool. We can have it from 11:00 am til 11:00 pm if we want. Everyone came earlier this year. It was nice seeing all those that could come, and all the little babies that have been born to my nephews. Did I happen to tell you that I am going to be a great-great aunt soon?! Can you believe it. By the time I'm a grandmother all this great stuff will be old hat. No it doesn't make me feel old really!!!!!
After we got home Monday night the kids opened their presents from each other and we opened our presents from them. As always they are presents we will treasure.
Monday morning the kids got up about 7:30 and we read the Christmas Story, sang a couple of Christmas carols, then opened presents. My husband got me a very pretty Sapphire and Diamond ring. You see my kids birthstones are Sapphire and Diamonds (isn't it great how I planned that!), so that will be my mother's ring. I have to have it size so it will be awhile before I can show anyone.
We just had a very relaxing day from that point. About 1:30 we headed off to Pigeon Creek to go sledding. There wasn't alot of snow, but the kids had fun! Then we went for a hike, then off to Steve's Dad's for tea time. Have pop quiz for you, do any of you know what time Tea Time is? I do! After we got home from there, Steve needed to take a nap. Last night and for the next 2 night's he has to work 3rd shift. No fun, but it is kind of nice having him home during the day. That's about it for now, maybe latter I'll post about how Steve and I felt Monday night. Too wordy for right now!

Posted by PicasaHere is a picture of the lake on Sunday. Doesn't it look mysterious and stormy!!!


Just Another Day In Paradise said...

Sounds like a great Christmas! It is nice to have a relaxing day- we did too!
The picture of the lake is awesome!

Mari said...

What fun to see the kids open their gifts - there is nothing like kids at Christmas. I'm impressed with your planning on birthstones. I didn't do nearly that well!
The picture of Grand Haven is really cool!

Diane said...

Tea time? Do the Dutch have a "tea time"?? I thought that was British. :) I can't wait to see you ring when you get it back! Mike gave me a mother's ring quite a few years ago and it turns out we could've gotten a "couple's ring" - Logan and me in Feb. and Tori and Mike in Dec. I also like the picture of the lake! God's power at work again!

A Stone Gatherer said...

They most certainly have a tea time! Elizabeth knows what it is! I bet even Melissa knows what it is.