Friday, December 21, 2007

Little Family Get Together

For the past several years my sister Kam and I get together with our families for a little Christmas celebration! Kam and I used to get each other gifts, but for the past few years we consider the dinner our gift to each other. We have Prime Rib from Bob's Butcher Block. It's a little expensive, but sooooooooooooo good! The kids exchange gifts and we of course get gifts for the dogs! Anyway I thought I would take a few pictures of my house for you. I know it's not officially a tour, but after taking a picture of my table I got excited to show you some other things I have out. One thing I just made is the glass block present. When I was looking for a Christmas bowl downstairs I found a ribbon I forgot I had, so I came upstairs and put it on my last glass block.

The night was fun, albeit low key. This was the first night I actually didn't fall asleep, or at least I had more energy then past years. Here are the pictures, hope you enjoy them.

Also, look magic, my header is back! I think someone is trying to mess with me, knowing I am so ignorant when it comes to this stuff.

Oh yeah, I recently was given a gift of money, today I got to go out and I bought myself a new bible. It's a Comparative Study Bible, with the KJV, NIV, AMP, and NASB. I'm so excited to use it in my Bible study. I received other great ideas from Lisa over at ThePreachers wife that I plan on using in the future. Love to get more Bible study tools!
Anyway, here is my table all set up. Don't look to closely, not everything matches just right! I love my snowman plates! I get them and my crystal out once or twice a year!
Here is the glass block present I told you about! Isn't it Preeetttyy!

Here are the stockings my sister Sandy made us several years ago. I feel very privileged that she made them for my family. They are keepsakes we will always treasure! You can also see the Merry Christmas blocks my Dad and Mom made. They are some of my favorite decorations. Also the Poinsettia that I got from Hills on Sunday. Look Jennifer I haven't killed it yet!Here is the nativity my mom bought me several years ago from Sam's Club. This is one of my very favorite Christmas decorations. I will always cherish it as well. Bekah helps me put it out every year. Have a very Merry Christmas!


Mari said...

Your decorations and table looks really nice. I love the blocks from your parents!
Your header is a mystery!

Diane said...

I love our glass block present that you gave us a few years back. It's under our tree every year from when the tree goes up to when it comes down. I like to think of it as our forever present - Jesus! Kinda corny maybe but I like it!!

Your house looks wonderful! I haven't been over this year to see it all but I'm glad you put it on your blog! Thanks for that! Isn't it a great feeling when your daughter can (and wants to) help with the decorations and the wrapping?? I love having Tori help me with that stuff!

Jennifer said...

I couldn't figure out what you meant by "your head is back" but after reading Mari's comment I get it know you meant your "header" is back.
I am glad to see you are still enjoying your poinsettia.

Just Another Day In Paradise said...

Your house looks beautiful- I love the glass block all lit up!
I bet the supper is delicious- what a great tradition.