Friday, December 7, 2007

A Mother's Frustration!!!

On Sunday our son complains of a sore throat. Usually I think O.K. "well his pain tolerance isn't so high, so let's just see". So on Monday he still has a sore throat, so I keep him home from school knowing full well he would be calling me in about an 1 hour to come pick him up. I call the doctor and make an appointment for 11:15, which fits into my busy day quite nicely in between helping in Bekah's class and my lovely Mammogram at 1:00. In the past I have hesitated to take him to the doctor (because of aforementioned pain tolerance) and have regretted it because he ended up having strep (can you say bad mother). So off the the doctors we go, he seems to be fine, I wonder if this is a mistake, you know a waste of a co-pay (does any other mother ever think that). We get there he sees the wonderful doctor. They do a strep test. It comes back negative. We leave pay our $25, and go on with our week. So day (Friday), I get home from visiting my mother and there is a message from aforementioned doctor saying, you guess it "Jeremiah has strep throat"!!! He hasn't been complaining lately, I don't understand! They said, and have said before that 10% of the time the strep test in the office is wrong. This is the 2nd time this has happened to Jeremiah. So there you have it. I apologize for any children my child may have infected. It was totally unintentional and innocent on my part!


Mari said...

I have thought of the co-pay too and what Mom hasn't hauled their kid in to find "it's just a virus". One day when Laura was a little over a year old, she all of a sudden wouldn't step on one leg. I hadn't seen her do anything to it and it looked okay, but this went on for over an hour. So - I make an appointment and take her in. Woudn't you know, when she gets into the office she is suddenly better and running around. Did I ever feel foolish!

Just Another Day In Paradise said...

No- you're not the only mother that thinks of the copay!
That is frustrating- but you did everything you could have.
Hope he's feeling better soon!

Jennifer said...

Kim said, "you know a waste of a co-pay (does any other mother ever think that)"

ALL THE TIME! Does any mother NOT have that cross her mind?


Anonymous said...

Kim,shame on you. I can't believe you let your child suffer all because of the hahaha. Just teasing you,Kim. The good thing is he should be feeling good real soon with the medicine in him and you and Steve can enjoy your night out.seriously I say that with no sarcasism.Love Ya,Patty