Monday, December 10, 2007

Final Product

I just know that every one has been waiting with baited breath for the final look at my Lake
Superior stone birdhouse. Well wait no longer, here it is! Bekah and I worked on it yesterday.
Steve told me I have to keep this one. I'm still not sure whether I am going to spray it with a glossy spray to get the stones to shine. They are so pretty when they are shiny. So there you have it!


Just Another Day In Paradise said...

I really really love it- it turned out so cute! You could sell those at the craft fair next year!

Jennifer said...

Well done! That turned out great. What a wonderful way to display your rocks!

Mari said...

Kim - this is so cute! You really could sell these!

Diane said...

You're so good at that! This one turned out really great - not that the rest of them weren't great but you know what I mean!! :)

It's so cool that the stones were gathered from somewhere you LOVE and were also gathered with someone(s) you LOVE!!

julie said...

That turned out SOOOOO good! Love it:)

Anonymous said...

You have so many talents and now you can add birdhouse builder to your list.It looks great!! I still need some stones for my vase.See-ya soon,Patty