Saturday, December 22, 2007

The value of a Humble Heart

This morning I read the following devotion out of my In Touch magazine. It really spoke to me so I thought I would pass it along:
Read: Luke 2:8-20
The Bible never grows old or stale. I find that verses I have studied 99 times yield fresh insight on the hundredth reading, which inspires me to keep meditating on the Word. In the account of Jesus' birth, I discovered a principle that recurs frequently in Scripture: God often gives great revelation to those in lowly positions. A person's worth before the Lord cannot be judged by his position, abilities or popularity.
Since Mary and Joseph were both from common families, they probably seemed an unlikely choice for parents of the Messiah. Similarly, the men selected to receive the angelic announcement of Christ's birth also lacked social standing - shepherds were considered part of the lowest class. Yet god revealed His plans to these individuals, not on the basis of worldly status, but because their heart attitude was right. the people He used were all humble followers who submitted to His will - whether the mission was bearing and protecting a young Jesus, or hurrying to worship Him where He lay in a manger.
Early Light: When God guides us to take an important action, we might wonder why we have been chosen (I think this alot!). We're tempted to think, Surely he wants someone with better talent or more wisdom. In fact, many bible characters, like Gideon and Moses, expressed that exact sentiment to the Lord (Judges 6:15; Exodus 3:11). But we can't allow a sense of inadequacy to stand in the way of obedience. If god chooses us for a task, He will also give us the strength and wisdom to complete it. All we need is a willing and obedient spirit.

For me that is what the Lord has been teaching me lately. He wants my obedience. Lately an e-mail went out from the Children's Ministry Network that I'm a part of. All or most of these fine ladies have a degree of some kind. I began to think (again) what am I doing here! I do not have the qualification to do the job I am doing. God reminded me this morning that it's not my qualifications, but His calling that matter. So until the day He calls me out of it, I am here to do his biding, because I really want to be obedient, and be used by Him for His kingdom. TO GOD BE THE GLORY IN ALL THINGS!!!


Mari said...

I love this! I am often amazed by the fresh things in the Bible. As you said, it can be verses we have known all our lives. I have keard the Christmas story so often and never thought or heard of that application. Thanks for sharing it.

Diane said...

This is really cool! I know you and I have talked about the feeling of inadequacy before and wonder "What is God thinking???". Only through those who could honestly not do the task on their own, does God work wonders in order to bring the glory to Him! We need to listen, be obedient, and give Him the glory! Only with humble hearts can this be done.

I'm so glad He put you in my life - you are such a God-fearing woman and you strive to follow Him every day. Thanks for struggling right along with me! :)